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Local start-ups and multinational companies alike each have a unique growth story. As the brand grows and evolves over time, so does its mission to achieve new heights.

Under the visionary leadership of their Managing Director, Mr. Yogesh Valaulikar, Aqua de Fonte is taking strides to increase their brand visibility, retail presence and market share and to win the hearts and minds of their customers.

Indeed, brands only stay relevant for as long as they remain connected to their customers. Aqua de Fonte is a brand that recognizes the need to grow, evolve (and refresh!) with their customers in an increasingly competitive market like the UAE.


Our vision is to be the catalyst in creating a healthy habit in todayu2019s fast-paced world by presenting an easy nutritive choice of drinking water.


Our mission is to be the first choice amongst mineral water companies in the U.A.E. We want to achieve this by partnering with our customers, employees, suppliers and the wonderful communities around us. n

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