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As a youthful and energetic brand, Aqua de Fonte aims to create a healthier world with a product that encompasses quality, taste, consistency, and smart packaging.

There were already established brands and players serving the UAE market when we launched Aqua de Fonte in 2017. Rather than fulfilling a need in terms of un-serviced or underserviced segments of the market, we saw an opportunity in positioning ourselves as a modern refreshing brand with high levels of brand awareness and appeal among the end users.

As Aqua de Fonte gains traction and brand equity, we will leverage this strength and appeal to launch new products in allied markets and customer segments. For instance, responding to increased demand for hygiene accessories during the pandemic, we launched Aqua de Fonte Facial Tissues and Wet Wipes. We are also drawing plans to enter the fresh and natural juices segment.

I can assure you that Aqua de Fonte will become the fastest-growing bottled water brand in the UAE in the years to come.

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